About Us

The Griffins, FIRST Team 1884, was founded in 2004 by ASL student Eric Fredrickson, and mentored by parent Steve Alaniz. Since that time, the ASL Robotics team has developed into a full-scale team of 86 students recognized by the school, incorporating people of various races and genders from all grades in the high school.

Team 1884 and Team 1797 are two of three FRC teams in the United Kingdom. The teams work in both preseason and build season using the available tools and resources to plan and construct a robot. During preseason, both teams work in collaboration to teach basic skills necessary for the season to the newcomers and to practice these skills. There is complete collaboration between both teams for game analysis, priority list and the prototyping phase. The prototyping groups will consist of students from both teams and all grades. Once the FIRST challenge has been released, the two teams split up for the build season, with specific skills from each individual contributing to make the robot.


Our mission is to provide a positive high school team experience through robotics while inspiring intellectual creativity, fostering a passion for science, technology and engineering, and developing critical thinking, problem solving and team building skills.